Following on from my last blog post, in which I discussed how the human brain is wired to process images faster than words and how this impacts video interviewing, I want to now look at what I think are some of the best examples of innovation in recruitment.

Looking back at the last 10 years, recruitment hasn’t really changed that much. Consultants are still trained in the same that I was when I started. Job ads have moved from print media to online and instead of storing CVs in filing cabinets, CRMs do that job now. Email has replaced the fax and letter. We’re basically doing the same things but differently.

Everyone thought that job boards would be the death knell of recruitment – but that hasn’t proved to be the case. The same for LinkedIn, which has actually helped recruiters become more efficient, stretch further and drill deeper into their global networks to look for candidates. It has freed up consultants’ time to focus on business development and offering tailored advice to clients.

Small, significant improvements

Think about online adverts. We know that the click through rates (CTRs) are typically quite low. Picture a chatbot talking to you when you come to apply for a job, telling you what the salary is and asking you questions. Engaging with a chatbot in this way may improve those CTRs, get you more applicants and hopefully companies will be able to fill more roles.

We now have the technology that can deal with a range of recruitment tasks, such as video interviews and video CVs to pre-screen candidates. Digitalisation has helped improve the hiring process by enabling candidates to find roles online much faster. Artificial intelligence is making huge strides in profiling job applicants.

These are the sorts of innovations I’m referring to, changes that will make the recruiter’s job more efficient and streamlined. We’re not talking here about one piece of technology that will single-handedly revolutionise the recruitment landscape, like say Uber or Airbnb have done for the taxi and travel industries respectively.

Here are some of the best tools that I would recommend:

  • Video interviewing (VI) – we started our journey at Fidio three years ago because we felt strongly about video and how it would help employers pre-screen candidates and reduce the risk and cost of hiring the wrong person.
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) – despite all the scaremongering in the press, AI will bring many advantages to recruitment. Companies such as are using leading edge technologies to match candidate CVs to job specs – at incredible speeds and with amazing levels of accuracy.
  • Chatbots – companies such as RoboRecruiter are blazing the trail in multichannel Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Using database cleansing and conversational tools, organisations will be able to communicate with their candidates in a far quicker and more engaging manner.
  • Intelligence & Analytics – every business needs to measure KPIs to see where its revenue is coming from. In a target-driven sales environment such as recruitment, data is fundamental to driving growth. And that’s precisely what the cloud-based software offered by cube19 helps companies achieve.
  • Psychometrics – founded by Harvard and MIT trained neuroscientist, Dr. Frida Polli, Pymetrics is a leader in the field of candidate psychometric matching. Using gamified AI and bias-free algorithms, its solutions help organisations assess individuals’ traits while also enabling candidates to find the most relevant roles.
  • Robotics – using AI-based software technology, Vera the robot can not only search for CVs and covering letters online but also carry out video and phone interviews. Created by the Russian startup, Stafory, it can also delete duplicated CVs and multitask on different vacancies. You’ll be relieved to know that final hiring and firing decisions will still be made by humans! Phew…

These are just my ‘six of the best’ examples of innovation that I believe will make a tangible difference to recruitment for some time to come.

I’d love to know your thoughts. If you’d like to have a chat with me or find out more about how Fidio’s video interviewing platform can help your business, you can reach me on 0203 418 8085.

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